A different and very compelling take on self publishing.

“When I set the objectives for my Rosetta Press imprint, I made it clear that I want to operate at the pace of the 21stcentury. I sold a manuscript to a small press in 2014 and that book, Melena’s Jubilee, is scheduled for release in 2016 or 2017. Yet in that time I have self-published more than a dozen titles—most of them illustrated—and I had two of the books translated into Spanish. A friend quipped that I “drop books the way Prince drops albums.” 

My goal is to produce a steady supply of compelling, diverse stories that will nourish the imagination and excite even reluctant readers, so I choose not to ration my books. I still have over a dozen unpublished manuscripts on my hard drive and just hired an illustrator to work on a picture book that will come out next month.”

How It Feels to Be Self-Published Me

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