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9-year-old Anaya Lee Willabus, is youngest published ‘chapter’ book author in U.S. history

“Brooklyn’s Anaya Lee Willabus loves reading more than anything she can name.

What’s her favorite book? Well, that’s easy. Her own.

Anaya is 9 and the youngest published author in U.S. history to write a chapter book. Her page-turner The Day Mohan Found His Confidence about a boy’s struggle to balance life at home and school has inspired students from New York to Guyana, where her parents were born.

 Anaya was one of several local residents feted Thursday at a Brooklyn Borough Hall Black History celebration honoring young community leaders.

“I like to read all genres, of books,” Anaya told the News. “I love both reading and writing. They both have something that I love in them.”

Don’t get her wrong, her mother, Dimple, said. Anaya watches TV, eats candy and fights with her siblings like any other kid. But when it comes to books, there’s just a certain magic that happens.” (via


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