The Bill Walsh Minority Coaching Fellowship is a program designed to help minority coaches gain experience, networking opportunities, and ultimately a job in the NFL.  Although a good effort by the league to train and hire minority applicants, recent statistics have made it very clear that the program is failing.  Bill Bidwill and Bruce Arians, owner and coach of the Arizona Cardinals, think they have an answer to the poor hiring practices of minority applicants.  The Bill Bidwill Coaching Fellowship is a two year fellowship for recent NFL retirees with interest in coaching.  According to Bidwill, it gives prospective minority coaches, and their families an opportunity to see if professional coaching is right for them.  

In my opinion, due to the drastically poor hiring performance of minority coaches in the NFL on a head and assistant level, any ideas to help increase opportunities is a good idea especially with 70% of current NFL rosters are African American. 

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