Diversity is a bad word that needs to be locked in the depths of Hades and never spoken of again….that or killed.  Either way, its destruction will lead to the rise of Inversity, the belief that celebrating a person’s value and self worth does more good than highlighting people’s differences.  Inversity acknowledges the positives of a person and leaves the negatives locked in Hades.

The term inversity is a trademark coined by Karith Foster, a black woman, former corporate HR employee, and creator of Stereotyped 101 (also trademarked),  who feels the term Diversity has gone the way of Feminist and Liberal.  It is now a dirty word that should be replaced immediately.  Foster is correct that the term Diversity has gotten negative attention, but I’m not so sure Inversity will have the intended consequences she presumes.  Her Feminist and Liberal examples are good, but a better example would probably be Affirmative Action.  

Affirmative Action is the perfect example of a good idea bastardized by those who don’t fully understand it.  In my opinion Diversity is everything Inversity seems to highlight; the best and productive parts of all people.  Unfortunately any time someone highlights differences or uniqueness or specialties or whatever you want to call it, human nature occurs.  Some people will support it and others will not.

As a supporter of Diversity, I by default support Inversity as well.  Any idea or program geared towards inclusion by all peoples regardless of race, age, gender, and sexual preference is a plus for me.  I commend the creativity and hope that maybe this is the change we need to expand the idea of inclusion, even though I ultimately think it’s the same thing as Diversity.