According to the Washington Post, “a new study from the Brookings Institution and the National Council on Teacher Quality” is telling the sad realities of teacher diversity.  Currently at 18%, the minority teacher percentage is no where near the national minority student average of 50%.  The study also suggests that the same 18% number will remain stagnant until 2060 at the earliest.  Even then, only minimal gains are expected.

Why is this a big deal?  Well according to “studies of elementary school students in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee” students perform better when they are taught by teachers of the same race or gender.  They are also less likely to get into trouble and receive suspensions.

But there is no solution, at least in the foreseeable future as black and Hispanic college students aren’t joining the teaching profession.  Despite this many in the education community aren’t giving up hope and are looking towards a slow and steady growth plan.