Lebron James’ quest to become a billionaire has led him to Cleveland Hustles, a Shark Tank style TV series focused on connecting small businesses with investment capital to help revitalize the city of Cleveland. Hosting its first season will be Bonin Bough.  

Bough is the former chief media and e-commerce officer at Mondelez and former VP of global media and consumer engagement at PepsiCo.  Coming from the corporate C-suite, Bough believes he can help impact Cleveland entrepreneurs in a positive way.  According to the host of Cleveland Hustles “I realized my network and LeBron’s network can provide huge access and opportunity to small businesses and transform them,”  

To Bough, it’s not just about looking at solutions for today, but also preparing for tomorrow’s challenges.  That is why, along with aiding small businesses, Bough is looking to tackle the next big issue, utilizing messaging as the next big media platform.  Bough states that “If you look at it, in 2011 there was only one messaging app in the top 10 downloaded apps, which was Skype. Now, 7 of the top 10 downloaded apps are messaging apps. I believe that it’s the next wave. I’ve taken on advisor roles within four pretty significant plays in the messaging space, and you’ll see more from me there.”

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