Jeff Shuford is an Iraq War veteran who returned from combat with PTSD.  Unable to work in a traditional environment Shufford connected with a Veteran non profit and began to teach himself code, read analytics and build websites.  Initially starting out with web design, Shufford ultimately moved to mobile applications to focus on digital development.

In December of last year, Shufford partnered with 20 year Navy vet Lonnell McCall to create Tech for Vets, “a mobile app company that hires veterans to build platforms”.  The application helps its customers stay connected with potential clients and “occupy customers mobile real estate.”  Not only does Shufford offer the latest mobile technology, but Tech for Vets also educates potential customers on the need for a digital presence.

Shufford is passionate about this, but just as passionate about helping military veterans who also suffer from PTSD.  “I leveraged technology and was successful,” he said. “I want to show that developing skills can help provide value. It won’t get rid of your PTSD, but it will give you a purpose.”