Intuit is planning an expansion into the small business market by offering new applications and data analytics.  This move is a test of sorts to buck the trend of small businesses making little to no money creating online applications for big business.

For application designers, Inuit will look to allow its 2,500 active developers the ability to develop software for their platform while sticking with the current User Interface.  To help push this, Intuit will “charge only a 20 percent lifetime revenue share on sales. Apple’s Appstore takes 30 percent”  

Intuit will also look to offer more data to its users, particular ones looking to partner or purchase small businesses.  "The data will be regional and specific to each type of industry and market, and provide small business owners with information to aid management decisions such as expansion, new product lines, etc.“

These new features sound amazing and has already drawn my interest.  To learn more, we will have to wait until the Intuit’s Quickbooks Connect conference in late October, in San Jose, California.