The story behind Australian TV  is one of mixed success.  Take the indigenous population as an example.  In 1992 there were no indigenous people on TV. Today an estimated 5% of TV characters identify as indigenous.  Although this is a positive, only 18% of main characters identify as non Anglo-Celtic despite the group making up 32% of the population.

According to the Screen Australia’s report, Seeing Ourselves: Reflections on Diversity in TV Drama, many networks are afraid to “rock the boat” with “broad audiences and international buyers” and instead stick with a large Anglo-Celtic cast.  Yet statistics conflict with this thinking as online productions tends to attract the younger audience (which are more diverse then standard TV shows).

Australia needs to update its thinking in entertainment and begin to expand its offering for the international audience.  To reflect its own population and to take advantage of growth opportunities in countries like China and India, Australia needs to allow for more opportunities to reflect the lives and ideals of its potential audience members.