Western Canada has a large array of talent covering all ethnic backgrounds.  Although some music festivals seem to be lacking in representing a multifaceted music culture, others are taking full advantage.   

Take the Victoria Ska and Reggae Festival which has made it a point to reach out to diverse bands and artists.  Because of this, 40% of its artists have been from diverse backgrounds (including ethnicity and gender) in the past 2 years.  It doesn’t stop with just festival as funding organizations are also looking to help out.  "Music B.C. is among the most popular in Western Canada, which allows musicians to apply for travel grants and showcase opportunities.“

Tarun Nayar of Delhi 2 Dublin points out key issues Western Canada will have growing with its talent.  According to Nayar "Canada doesn’t lack diversity in its musicians and artists. We lack it in our infrastructure — our music industry,”  As organizations look to alleviate this pain point, artists will have to figure out ways to help the musical infrastructure expand at a fast past.  It’s not easy but leaning on resources such as the internet and local festivals will have to create a more grassroots music scene that ultimately can push larger festivals to change.