According to research “by Efraim Benmelech and Carola Frydman, both associate professors of finance at Kellogg School,” veterans make better CEOs and employees.  This is due to the education and training of military veterans during their time in service.

The three main reasons for veterans positive influence on the workforce and as executive officers are 1) They perform better under pressure 2) They exercise “conservative corporate behavior” 3) They are less likely to commit corporate fraud.  The last piece speaks to veterans in leadership positions as they are 70% less likely to commit fraud within a company.

Military veterans are not seen as a negative influence in the workforce as they once were in the 60s, 70s, and even as recently as the early 2000s.   Corporations are realizing their value with initiatives such as AT&T’s goal of hiring 20,000 vets by 2020.  Military veterans are some of the most well trained and prepared potential hires in the country, and corporations seem to be taking advantage of their expertise more and more.