I am not a fan of raising taxes, but sometimes even I can make an exception, and this is one of them.  According to the USA Today “the largest piece of veterans legislation in decades – aimed at expanding health care, education and other benefits – was rejected” today.  The main reason is a split down political party line.  Democrats supported the Bernie Sanders led bill, while all but two Republicans went against it.  "Republicans complained about how to pay for it. Sanders’ legislation had more than 140 provisions costing $21 billion over 10 years.“

Now to begin, the 140 provisions is definitely alarming.  Do not disregard that number as there’s really no telling from our vantage point where exactly Senator Sanders is looking to receive funds.  But if he’s looking to tax me to pay for veteran benefits, then go ahead!   

"Before we expand that system,” argued Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., “what is needed is rigorous oversight and debate about how we’re doing what we’re doing now…When access is delayed, that’s care denied.”

That’s fine Sen Coburn…and as the Senate debates how to expand the system (even though “many provisions in the bill have won bipartisan support in other pieces of pending legislation before Congress.”), r family caregivers of disabled veterans of wars outside of Iraq and Afghanistan, and “reproductive services for 2,300 troops wounded in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.” will simply have to wait..