Advertising has evolved from the yesteryear of misogyny and macho man cufflinks.  Throughout the world, advertising firms are producing commercials showing women in a truer sense.  There have been plenty of missteps along the way, but progress is being made.

A part of advertising that still needs a lot of improvement is the promotion of women.  "In 2012, a survey found that only 3% of creative directors in the United States were women, the figures this year have risen to 11%, proving the rate of change inside the industry is glacial.“   Despite the growth, 89% of women creating advertisements for women have to go through a male co-worker for approval.  With studies showing that females make 85% of purchasing decisions in a household, you’d think advertisers would be quicker to incorporate women at the top of the industry.  After-all, who knows the reason behind a purchase better than the person buying the product.

Gender stereotypes have long existed within advertisements but are slowly being replaced with more diverse portrayals.  Women need more decision making power at high levels in order to truly connect with their consumers.  Or at least, that’s what the statistics say.