It has now been 2 months since the Brexit vote and early statistics are coming in on the after effects.  To begin, I want to placate the following points as it’s only been 2 months, and the full Brexit plan has yet to be created.  Add to the fact that negotiations have yet to commence between the United Kingdom and the EU, and you can understand the current picture better.

Since the June vote, it would seem there has been an upsurge in worry that the Brexit vote will hurt small business revenue.  This has been completely contradicted as, for the most part, companies have seen little change, or even rises in sales.  In addition, "the pound has plunged, boosting exports and a CBI survey of 500 manufacturers found order books at a two-year high.“

The only companies who seem to be affected so far are organizations that import a bulk of their products.  Due to the falling pound, expenses have risen, resulting to an increase in prices for consumers.  Exporting companies have seen an uptick as companies are getting deals and thus spending more.

Short term, the Brexit vote has done wonders for small and medium businesses, but again, many still fear the oncoming plan and what it means for the country.  Only time will tell if this vote was a good thing for the country, or infact, a huge mistake.

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