The fashion world is a notoriously homogeneous beast.  For an industry that prides itself on being innovative, groundbreaking, and revolutionary, fashion is very much predictable.  The concept of beauty has not evolve much since the 1920s, however recent fashion trends are looking to change that.  

Clementine Desseaux and Charli Howard joined together to create the All Woman Project, a campaign aimed at illustrating the idea that women are different.  Their idea shines  "a light on a few of the women out there who are expanding the fashion industry’s definition of beauty.“  The project is not connected with any brand, but more of an avenue to celebrate women.  In developing the concept Desseaux (from France) and Howard (from England) decided to launch their campaign in America due to its culture.  According to Howard "America is a lot more forward-thinking when it comes to embracing body shapes and things like diversity,”

In pushing the boundaries of beauty in fashion, advertising campaigns like the All Woman Project are crucial.  The fashion industry is long overdue in terms of including multiple facets of beauty, but the change is on the horizon.  Last year 31.9% of the models cast for New York Fashion Week were non-white.  Continuing this growth along with independent projects are key to redefining fashion as a whole.