Mars Inc,  maker of Galaxy, Snickers and Milky Way “recently won Channel 4’s ‘Superhumans Wanted’ competition, which offered brands and advertisers the chance to win £1m of the broadcaster’s airtime to develop a creative idea that puts disability and diversity at the heart of the campaign.”  The advertising campaign aired during the 2016 Paralympics Games Opening Ceremony and features a disabled woman joking about her spasm attack during a fun encounter with her new boyfriend.  

The initiative to reach out and expand market share comes at an important time for the company.  Mars Inc had been looking for ways to increase it’s diversity and disabled imprint, and the Channel 4 competition came at a perfect time.  With 80% of disabled people feeling under represented in today’s TV culture, Mars’ new campaign (which will also include an ad “in silence using just British Sign Language to communicate, with no subtitles”) is a great way to target the disabled consumer.

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