North Texas is growing at a rapid pace, and Latinos are looking to lead the charge.  According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, almost half of new arrivals in the area are Foreign born.  Within the state of Texas, 58% of immigrants come from Mexico, followed by Asia, Central, and South America.

In North Texas alone, there are an estimated 70,000 Latino businesses that account for $10.7 billion in annual revenue.  The big opportunities for the North Texas area are Technology and Energy.  Mexico and other Central American countries are in need of products to support mobile technology and oil.  With their savy knowledge of language, customs, and network, the Latino community can better connect with and profit from these opportunities.

The Latino community in Dallas-Fort Worth is a strong one.  In the words of Nina Vaca, an Ecuador native and founder of the billion dollar Pinnacle Group “Latino business is an integral and growing part of the economic landscape of North Texas and the nation.  We do not expect this trend to reverse anytime soon.”