Made in NY Writers Room is a 6 month fellowship that will begin in 2017, focusing on producing more series in New York as well as granting opportunities to minority writers to create diverse stories.  The program is a partnership between the Writers Guild of America East, New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment and the Department of Small Business Services.  

Submissions will run from September 15th to October 20th, and will accept up to 500 pilot scripts.  15 people will be selected for the program, and will connect with mentors including Beau Willimon (“House of Cards”), Lee Daniels (“Empire”), and Julie Martin (“Law & Order: SVU”), to name a few.  One of the best things about the program submission process is feedback.  According to the Variety article, “Writers will submit a pilot script for an original series, and each winner of the fellowship will work with a mentor to hone the script and establish industry connections. Regardless of whether they win, each applicant (up to the 500 cutoff) will receive written feedback from the two pros who read the script for evaluation.”

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