Philosophy is going through a bit of a diversity problem.  "According to a 2009 report by the American Philosophical Association" about 12% of undergraduate degrees go to black or minority ethnic (BME) students, and only 5% complete doctorate programs.  

A big reason for this is the “opportunity gap” or belief that most BME students are not exposed to Philosophy during High School and thus, are not familiar enough with it to select the major in college.  This is unfortunate as Philosophy, along with History and English are great under graduate degrees to segway into Law School, according to the Times Higher Education article.

Philosophy’s diversity problem includes more than just a lack of High School knowledge however.  Most High School students don’t take business classes but business majors are ever abundant in college.  In my opinion the true source of a lack of diversity is the lack of diverse Philosophers within most Philosophy curriculum.  In the US, it’s a who’s who in terms of European and American stalwarts.  Sure a few South American and Asian laureates may be sprinkled here and there, but for the most part Plato and Karl Marx rule the day.  

To gain an interest from BMEs, include a diverse perspective of Philosophers.