Melanie Ehrenkranz is a Mic reporter who gave an extremely rough review of last week’s Apple iPhone 7 event as it relates to diversity.  Although Apple viewed her comments as “unnecessarily harsh”, Ehrenkranz does make a few key points.  The company has said it would commit $50 million to improve diversity, but their iPhone event indicated otherwise.  Now, I’m not saying they’re not looking for ways to increase workplace diversity but, according to Ehrenkranz, speakers were given 107 minutes in total to discuss Apple information.  Of that 107 minutes, only 8 minutes went to women.  If you ask me, 8 minutes is “unnecessarily harsh”.  

Apple responded to Ehrenkranz explaining that “Unrecognized by you was the fact that we had a gay man (Apple CEO Tim Cook), two African-Americans (Instagram and Nike), a Canadian and a British woman, Hannah Catmur.”  Since neither of the the two African-Americans work for Apple, no credit can be given to the company for this, in my opinion.  

Apple is struggling with diversity and it just can’t seem to get it right.  Even with the possible investment in diversity "its leadership team is made up of 67% of people who are white, compared to 63% in its prior-year diversity report.”  Apple has to realize they’re always being watched when it comes diverse engagement.  Hopefully Apple will understand this reality  moving forward and at least do a better job of attempting to balance diversity in the public eye.