The death of Philando Castile, a black motorist who was shot to death during a traffic stop in St. Paul, Minnesota, was a tragedy.  For Greg Cunningham, US Bank’s new Vice President of Global Inclusion & Diversity, it was the first time he was able to share his philosophy on tough conversations with CEO Richard Davis.  “We’re hardwired as leaders to want to solve problems,” Cunningham said. “But when things like this happen, it’s not an opportunity to solve anything, it’s an opportunity to show up differently.”

Cunningham has been traveling throughout the country preaching this philosophy and more.  His goal is to not only improve diversity within the firm, but also educate current employees on its benefits.  “Transforming a culture of 67,000 people is never easy,” Cunningham explains. “You have to make sure that everyone knows that there is something in this for them.”

Still early in his career, Cunningham is making the most of his position.  It’s wonderful that company leadership is involved as well.  Giving updates on diversity data each month is also a great way to keep track of internal goals.  Greg Cunningham and US Bank may be tackling diversity for the first time, but they are handling it like seasoned veterans.