David Hall, a Social Security Administration employee, has refused to watch an LGBT diversity training video.  According to Hall, the video is a sin against his religion, "promoting an agenda and a lifestyle that I simply don’t agree with.”  After his refusal to watch the video, Hall was suspended from work for two days without pay.  The Federal employee has not budged from his stance and is now seeking legal action to assist with this matter. 

David Hall is not alone in feeling the LGBT lifestyle goes against his religion.   I have personally heard co-workers and associates give similar thoughts.  Unfortunately these cultural and religious beliefs can limit a society from coming together. I respect each man and woman’s religious belief but we cannot be so small minded. Homosexuality is a reality and in order to get that message across training is needed to advise people that discrimination can take place at work. I understand Hall has religious beliefs, but his employer has legal obligations and if Hall does truly believe the LGBT lifestyle is a sin, seeking a job on the Federal level may not be the answer.