The United States Army is not only a part of the Department of Defense, but also an organization looking to spend billions with small businesses.  Army Materiel Command (AMC), is one of many organizations looking to connect small businesses with Army contracts.  Located in the Tennessee Valley, AMC acts as a facilitator between both parties.  "They do this by hosting outreach events and having one-on-one sit-downs to help businesses come up with a plan. This gets them ready to approach the Army.“

Although the Army is known for spending large amounts with big business, they are also awarded $9.4 billion by the Department of Defense to spend specifically with smaller organizations.  This is excellent, as it puts money into smaller corporations looking to fill local or state level needs.  The US Army is a global entity, but still needs solutions to function at smaller levels.  

I always support small business opportunities and for those unaware of the Army’s program for small businesses, now you are!  If you are looking to connect with the Army check out  You can reach out to AMC at