Six percent of Tata Steel’s 35,000 employees are women.  Unlike most companies who pay lip service to the idea of increasing diversity, Tata Steel is putting a plan in place to solve its lingering issue.  The company is looking to hire 5,500 women by 2020, 1,400 of which will be inducted into managerial positions.  Currently Tata Steel employees 2,000 female employees, of which  only 660 are in managerial roles.  The company is also planning on hiring at least 100 differently abled people a year to increase diversity.

Atrayee Sarkar, chief diversity officer at Tata Steel explained that “The strategy for improving diversity is clear:   Take more women at the entry levels. Previously, just 10-15 per cent of entry-level hires were women. Now, it wants to take this to a minimum of 30 per cent.”

Recently, I have seen a lot of articles describing the increased support of diversity in India, and I think its wonderful.  Although they’re definition of diversity may be different from the US, identifying and improving opportunities for groups once lacking in such is a tremendous goal.  I hope this continues, and I cant’ wait to read more about the diversity push throughout the country.