The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has had a lot of issues in recent months.  Small businesses for example have often complained about the rising costs and documentation involved with offering and tracking employee healthcare.  

An accidental bonus in this is the rise of retirement benefits.  According to the Small Business Owner survey conducted by Harris Poll (on behalf of Nationwide) 29% of businesses with under 300 employees stated they “will raise contributions to 401(k) plans because the ACA has made health benefits less attractive to employees.”  Another “43% will do so based on the importance of appealing to and maintaining employees as a result of the Act.”

For Americans, retirement benefits have historically been a weakness.  Going back to the survey, “86% of small business owners believe employees currently face a retirement readiness crisis.”  No matter your opinion on ACA, if Obamacare is making it attractive to offer retirement benefits to employees, than at least the healthcare program is working on some levels.  The ACA does need some changes, but maybe isn’t one of them.