It looks like the city of Charlotte may finally be admitting defeat.  After losing millions in revenue with the pull out of the NBA All Star Game, NCAA tournament, and ACC championship game, the North Carolina city may be ready to repeal its HB2 legislation.  For those unaware, HB2 barres “transgender people from using the public restroom in schools and government buildings consistent with their gender identity."   The legislation was passed in a single day in response to the passing of a non discrimination bill in February.  Many have seen the bill as discriminatory towards the LGBT community, and has led to multiple big named corporations pledging to fight against it.

Currently, supporters of the HB2 law are seeking to cut a deal in order to save face in response of the millions lost due to the bills passing.  

The year long battle between the LGBT community and North Carolina lawmakers may come to an end soon.  With the help of businesses, it looks like the HB2 law will be eliminated.  For a time it was nice to see corporations throw support against a bill they believed negatively affected a group of people.  Hopefully this blend of corporate social justice will continue for the betterment of all American people.