Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us.  From September 15th to October 15th, Hispanic Heritage is celebrated throughout the United States.

Not everyone supports this, however.  

Adriana Maestas from Truth-Out.com gave an interesting perspective of the history of American ancestors and reasoning behind ending Hispanic Hertiage Month.

For Maestas, the celebration is a Eurocentric view of North, Central, and South America.  September 15th was selected as the start of Hispanic Heritage Month because 5 Central American countries celebrate their independence on the same day (with 2 former Spanish colonies celebrating independence on September 16th).  Although the selection of September 15th is fine, mixing countries, histories, and people together is the bigger issue.  To Maestras, combining all countries outside the US and labeling them as Hispanic “erases the history of Africans who were brought to the Americas on Spanish slave ships and the diverse and complex societies that existed in North and South America prior to the arrival of the conquistadores." 

Maestras does see some "good” in the 2016 Hispanic Hertiage Month. This year’s organizers are using the Month to push potential Hispanic voters to register for the upcoming elections.  She appreciates the concern around getting voters registered however she hates that tacos and other gimmick items are being emphasized. If we are really serious about getting Latino people to vote then the Hispanic community should be engaged year round.