According to the NHL, the organization is the most diverse of America’s four main sports (football, baseball, basketball, and hockey).  Although the NBA boasts foreign talent from 37 countries and territories, double that of the NHL, the NHL has a higher percentage of foreign born athletes. 

The NHL comes in at 25% while the NBA finishes at 22.4%.

Diversity probably isn’t the first thing people think of when considering the NHL, but the organization actually values the area very much.  This year, the NHL estimates 32 African Americans and 9 Asians could make rosters for professional teams.  The organization also has a big recruitment effort for diversity within its headquarters.

The NHL knows it still needs to do more to attract a diverse list of coaches, owners, and front office specialists, but they are trying.  The organization will continue to grow in terms of expanding to more black, Hispanic, and Asian viewers but for now, it is the top of foreign efforts