The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka The Academy / organization that brings you the Oscars) is currently looking to fill the newly created position of Director of Talent Development and Inclusion.  After years of diversity struggles, the organization will hire someone to help push gender and minority inclusion in entertainment.  The position will connect with the education and outreach team and focus on developing a “diversity and internship program offered to members of the film entertainment community.”

The requirements are strenuous with applicants needing “8-10 years of experience in the diversity, inclusion and outreach role working with community leaders, entertainment industry and education in non or for profit sector.”  In addition applicants must have a “prior fundraising, grant and scholarship proposal writing, gift giving and promotional or sponsorship background.”

The position will work closely with a multitude of leaders in multiple entertainment sectors and “report to the Education and Outreach area of the Academy” as well as “the Managing Director of Preservation and Foundation Programs.”

This is a great opportunity and if the role is filled, can be the start of a much needed department who’s focus is increasing representation for all underrepresented groups.  For more information on the job application process, check out the Linkedin page below