Oakland, California will be home to Google’s new tech lab beginning this October.  Marcio Jose Sanchez from USA Today details the exciting news. Google will be partnering with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to open the new technology-based lab, called Code-Next lab. Code–Next lab.  The lab “will focus on educating young people in Oakland in the educational and career possibilities that computer science and nearby Silicon Valley offer.”  Code-next lab will be located near Fruitvale Transit Village, one of Oakland’s most diverse communities

It looks like Silicon Valley and its array of tech companies are beginning to establish themselves within the Oakland community. “Silicon Valley establishing a beachhead there in an effort to hire more African-American and Latino workers amid growing criticism of their hiring practices.” Tech startups are steadily growing within the city as well. Many startups in the Oakland area are hiring more minorities than the industry norm. Oakland and Google could teach one anther a lot and with the help of the new tech lab things could blossom for both parties.

-Ray Hayes