The city of Charlotte is in a complete uproar after protests against the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott turned violent.  Wednesday night ended with “gunshots, vandalism and police setting off tear gas bombs in an attempt to break up the protesters.”  The incident was so troubling that local businesses refused to open their doors Thursday morning.

Despite the unrest, the NFL’s Carolina Panthers maintain they will still host their home game this Sunday.

Panthers linebacker and team spokesman, Thomas Davis, stated the team’s locker room (which consist of different religions, cultures and races) could serve as an example of how America can unite despite its differences.  Other local college and professional sport teams, including Charlotte Hornets chairman and owner Michael Jordan, have voiced their concerns about the recent shooting and protests.

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera gave some much needed introspective into the situation that could possibly help our nations problems. “As Greg and Thomas said, you look at the diversity, where they’re all from, all races and colors, but yet they talk to one another, they care about one another. What has helped made this team strong has been what goes on in that locker room.”

-Ray Hayes