This past week saw its ups and downs for small businesses. Yahoo suffered a $500 million account hack, and Microsoft may have found the cure for cancer. Gene Marks from Forbes magazine digs deeper into the details of small business technology for the week.

  1. Bad news for Yahoo fans, as the company has confirmed rumors of its 2014 hack which led to over 500 million accounts being exposed. The data breach included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, hashed passwords and security questions/answers. If your small business uses Yahoo, then change your password(s) and security question and answer(s) immediately to prevent any loss of future information.
  2. Stripe has developed a new way for small businesses to pay their workers instantly. This service is particularly geared toward companies like Lyft, Shopify, Indiegogo, and GoFundMe. If your small business uses any of these services (or services like them), Stripe could be a great way to pay your workers.
  3. Facebook has created new ways for small businesses to make use of ads and measurement tools on the social media site. The new tool allows companies to learn more about how likely people will buy a particular product if they have not seen an ad yet. If your small business is up to date with the new ad tools then their may be a revenue increase for your company coming soon.
  4. Yelp will provide more ways to, “…search based on price level and operating hours as well as autocomplete capability and access to “original resolution photos and review excerpts.” For software development businesses this is great news. The new tools will now help developers create better applications for your Yelp customers.
  5. HeroPay has created a way for small businesses to select a payment processor. The new startup company helps small businesses shop and compare numerous payment processing options. If your small business is losing valuable hours searching for payment processors then HeroPay can save you light years of time.