Diversity and inclusion are two of the most critical things in business. Improving diversity and eliminating bias is a “strategic component to any organization’s ability to innovate, understand its customers, outperform the competition and maximize employee productivity.” 

So how can you become a role model who champions diversity in the workplace?

Anka Wittenberg from the Entrepreneur provides an answer. She developed three ways on becoming a Diversity Role Model:

  1. We must first recognize our unconscious bias. We are all bias.  It is a natural part of being human. These biases can be developed from an array of things including our experiences. If we understand that differences exist, particularly in the workplace then we have achieved the first step of, “…real change.”
  2. Band together and establish/join professional networking groups. Banding together will allow you to see other employees’ points of view and build a community in the workplace. “By discussing experiences, sharing best-practices and building relationships, we can build a stronger sense of community, better educate others, and help influence decision-makers.”
  3. Don’t think about diversity in terms of quotas.  “Creating an inclusive culture is critical to making your company both a successful company and a great a place to work.”

Take the lead become a Diversity Role Model today.

-Ray Hayes