According to Shon Burton, the CEO of HiringSolved “Where artificial intelligence is today in every industry, we’ve finally achieved the tipping point in just being able to do it, to build it, to make it useful.  The question now that everyone has to answer is, ‘Should we?”

AI is the new wave of innovative solutions.  Currently the technology is being implemented into the corporate recruiting process to help streamline mundane tasks.  Most people think this is only the beginning and ultimately AI will completely perform the hiring process of job applicants.  This is a scary thought particularly for students hoping to have a long career in the industry. 

Today, technology can solve any solution necessary for organizations looking to hire.  From automating an entire hiring phase, to allowing recruiters to sort applicants by gender and race, these new tools are shockingly innovative.  But even Burton who is apart of this new influx of technology is wary.  "There’s a flood of AI applications coming out, and a lot of them are going to be demoralizing to people.  We gain the ability to do something, we do it, then we find out later that it wasn’t a great application of it.“

Sad talk from the current CEO.  I wonder how many jobs will be lost before we realize that this new trend of AI replacing humans may not have been the best idea.  Automation is great and some parts of recruiting need to be automated, but the question is, where does it stop?

I would like to close with this paragraph from the Fast Company article:  HireVue’s software that analyzes facial expressions and word choice in video interviews. Koru’s does the same with written tests, while Fama and TalentBin scour social media to profile candidates. RoundPegg uses automation to determine a candidate’s potential cultural fit with a company. There is even an AI chatbot named Mya that can help candidates better navigate the automated first phase of resume sorting.  This is only the beginning of AI technology and may ultimately replace an entire industry.

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