The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport gave the National Football League (NFL) an A for racial hiring practices and a C+ for gender.  The combined effort granted the league a B overall for its diversity hiring practices.  The largest hiring gains came at the league corporate office while individual teams decreased in key areas.

For women, the biggest hiring gainss “has come at the league level, where there are now 35 women at the vice president level, up from 31 last year and 21 in 2014.”  The total number of minorities “who serve at the vice president level or higher rose from 21 in 2015 to 24 this year.”

Although head coaching positions stayed stagnant this year for people of color with 6, those within assistant coaching dropped from 37.9% last year to 31.9%.  In addition of the 22 first time head coaches hired in the past 4 years, only one has been a person of color.  

The NFL still has a long way to go when seeking to maintain its positive gains in diversity.  The league has done an excellent job with its initial growth, however it is now time to take these gains to the next level.