The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has seen a boost in support over the past year as a result of a fiery political atmosphere.  Sometimes the best way to bring people together is to have a common opponent, and that is what happen.  Dozens of states enacted anti-LGBT laws with North Carolina leading the charge.  With the support of over 200 organizations, the HRC and corporate america were able to create a closer working relationship to combat what both sides felt was injustice.

HRC President Chad and former President Bill Clinton unveiled the Global Business Coalition in an effort to “leverage HRC’s vast network of committed businesses and global network of LGBTQ civil society leaders to further our shared goals of equality worldwide.”  Here are a few key points from a year of advocacy.  

  1. HRC’s First International Launch of the Corporate Equality Index
  2. LGBTQ Roundtable at World Economic Forum
  3. HRC Equality Convention
  4. Pride Connection Inaugural Summit in Mexico City
  5. Global Equality Summit in Vietnam

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