Currently only about 15% of Australia’s small businesses employ some type of cloud sharing service.  This means that in the next few years the opportunity to bring on a large chunk of Australia’s small firms will be massive.  Technology is expanding at a fever pitch and it will soon explode past even the concept of cloud sharing towards something much more advanced.

Today, experts believe we as humans have only begun to tap into the true ability of cloud services.  The capability to connect a business through the cloud can create an infinite amount of possibilities.   Unfortunately Australia is lagging behind.  By 2020 it is believed that technology will move past today’s concept of cloud computing and towards a more connective and ultimately responsive or artificial intelligence.  Businesses must be ready to take advantage of this or get left behind.

In business, innovations happen at a moments notice.  It is up to business owners to be on the cutting edge of technology in order to take full advantage of innovation and opportunity.  Australian small businesses need to position themselves in an ever growing global market otherwise they will suffer the consequences. 

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