In 2015, the African Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC) was formed to “create and sustain a dialogue that addresses key issues affecting diversity and inclusion in the mortgage industry that leads to action with measurable and enduring practices that in turn create benefits for all industry stakeholders.” This month AMDC announced its new Senior Policy and Program Advisor, Erik Richard.

Kendall Baer from DS News documents Richard’s and AMDC’s new mission to diversify the mortgage industry. The new adviser plans on advancing the Diversity and Inclusion Directory which will feature an array of minority owned and operated businesses.  The directory will “be a resource for mortgage servicers, government agencies, investors, asset management groups and supply chain managers—all looking to engage in services provided from diverse companies.”

Richard’s arrival seems to be exciting news for members of the AMDC. His initiative may be beneficial for both the AMDC and the people they represent. The mission of diversity will be pushed further while Richard is at the helm.