Nothing in the world can compare to live combat as a military soldier.  Despite how many people compare job positions or employee experiences as “war” or “battlefields” no one can truly comprehend the feeling except for those who experienced it.

Entrepreneurship is similar in terms of its indescribable nature.  Unless a person has put in a few years of creating and developing a business, there is no true comparison.  Perhaps this is why many military veterans are turning to the startup life when returning home.  Veterans are self starters.  They have to be.   They are creative, durable, and possess a harden will to never give up even as things look dim or hopeless.  In entrepreneurship, especially in the first few years, this is an every day occurrence.  

The Inc article below covers the business and military experiences of several veterans and explains how they made the transition from a military life to running successful businesses.  I highly recommend the read in its entirety.

In 15 years, 162,000 former military men and women have started businesses in America.  These men and women continue to serve our country with every organization they start.  Thank you!

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