President Obama and Susan E Rice are pushing for a more diverse workforce within National Security agencies.  In an effort to improve diversity, the Justice Department “mandated implicit bias training for its law enforcement officers and prosecutors,”  As many Americans are aware, people of color are disproportionately arrested and convicted of crimes in comparison to whites.

Currently less than 20% of senior diplomats and less than 15% of senior intelligence and military officers are people of color,  This issue is rampant at a time when almost 40% of the American population reflect diversity.  Although new ideas and programs are being enacted to combat this, the issue still plagues Security agencies.  In the CIA’s case, diversity has actually decreased with people of color since 2004, now representing only 10.8% of the Senior Intelligence Service.

When it comes to justice, black and Hispanic Americans are often distrusting of government efforts. And who can blame them with the track record National Security forces have.  However, these new programs are tackling issues once ignored.  Continued support and a change in minority mind frame can help drive America into a new day.