A new collection of scholarly essays provide a glimpse of why diversity is needed in higher education. Scott Jaschik from Inside Higher Ed sat down with Earl Lewis, president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and Nancy Cantor, chancellor of Rutgers University at Newark, to discuss the essential reason for diversity in higher ed.

With the recent events in our society and the numerous injustices taken place on college campuses, more and more minorities are feeling unwelcomed.  Here is a glimpse of the Q&A with Scott Jaschik with a few contributors from their scholarly essays:

“In this inaugural volume, the essays set the table, so to speak, for this much-needed dialogue, placing both our diversity and our compelling interests in context – demographic, historical, social and economic. As important, the volume queries our readiness to empathize as a nation with the value and dimensions of that diversity, as well as asks, are we prepared to commit the “social” work to be done and the human capital investment required?”