Student tension is at an all time high after flyers were posted arguing that white women shouldn’t date black men in a campus building.  In response, the University of Michigan is committing $85 million to diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Racial issues had been brewing at the university before the incident occurred.

According to Fox News “the university has committed $85 million over the next five years to implement the initiatives, including a program to help incoming freshman assess and develop skills to navigate cultural and other differences. Faculty will be given resources and tools to help them make learning more inclusive and effective for diverse groups of students. Outreach programs will be created to recruit and keep a more diverse pool of students, faculty and staff.”

This commitment will be a college wide program aimed at defeating the bias and unfair treatment of underrepresented groups.  Although the initiative is going towards a good cause, I’m not sure if the university can police a student’s upbringing or preconceived beliefs.  Racist opinions like that are formed at home and brought to campus, and frankly there is nothing the University of Michigan can do about it.