The Department of Justice has provided an array of recommendations to American police and sheriff departments about diversity, but the government organization has failed to diversify itself. Alan Neuhauser from US News and World Report provides much needed feedback to this topic.

In 2013, nonwhite officers accounted for 27 percent of the nation’s law enforcement,  When highlighting the FBI, minorities make up just 17 percent. Jim Passco, executive director of the Fratneral Order of Police, says, “It’s almost hypocritical for the DOJ, whose law enforcement agencies fall woefully short of minority racial hiring. Given their history on civil rights, you would think they would be playing laser-close attention to that issue.”

Tough words from Passco.  As the old saying goes, before you criticize another make sure you take a look at your own house first. 

Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates admits that the DOJ has some work to do in the diversity department. “Our own federal agencies – our own DOJ agencies – are not nearly as diverse as we could be or as we should be. And that’s something that we’re working on very hard at DOJ as well.” The recent fatal police shootings of black men, have heightened the need for diversity within law enforcement. The initiatives of both the DOJ and local law enforcement agencies have had little impact, however; the fight for diversity must continue.  A more diverse police force leads to a better America

-Ray Hayes