Oculus has taken a huge step forward in pushing diversity in tech. The company has pledged to put $10 million toward supporting “VR app and video creators of diverse backgrounds, including women and people of color.” Josh Constine from Tech Crunch provides more details about

Facebook and Oculus committing over $200 million for VR content and diversity. Facebook and Oculus have doubled down on their previous commitment toward VR content and will now invest another $250 million to help developers create more high quality VR content. Oculus’ NextGen program will receive $10 million which “will bring Unity workshops plus hardware from Samsung, AMD and Oculus to universities so they can expand their own VR content creation programs.” Mobile game developers will receive $50 million of the funds. Mobile platforms that showcase the Oculus the product like Samsung Gear VR are the most important of the VR revolution.

Oculus plans to use the diversity funding toward its “Launch Pad and VR for Goods programs, as well as amplifying new voices.” Diverse Filmmakers Project is another initiative Oculus plans to launch soon. Constine points out an intriguing reason why Oculus is committing to diversity. “By supporting diverse VR filmmakers, audiences will get deeper understandings about life, justice, inequality and more from a new perspective.”

-Ray Hayes

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