The British Army is under fire after promoting exclusively for more black soldiers.  While advertising in Manchester and Leeds, the Army specified that “successful candidates had to be ‘Black British’ privates or lance corporals.”  This was clearly a terrible decision by the British government.

Now let’s get a few things straight.  The ethnic breakdown for the British Army is terrible.  According to the Daily Mail, “Out of 13,000 officers in the Army, only 100 are Asian and 60 black, according to the Ministry of Defence’s diversity figures. Of 7,000 officers in the Royal Navy, only 20 are black and Asian. Some 45 Asian and 30 black servicemen and women out of 8,000 are in the RAF.”  

When learning about these numbers it becomes abundantly clear why the Army felt the need to market exclusively to the black British population.  Still, promoting to one ethnicity while disregarding another is never a good idea.  To attract a wider audience, the Army will have to recruit in areas where blacks and asians stay, similar to the United States.  Posting promotional items without doing any groundwork will never convince people to sign up.

This tactic was a lazy and discriminant way of recruiting.