Dr Ron Busby of Black Chambers Inc stated in an interview (which you can check out HERE) that if black owned businesses in America were able to hire one additional person, they would eliminate unemployment.  News One recently held a panel discussing minority owned businesses within the context of the presidential race.

Joined by NMSDC President Joset Wright-Lacy, the group debated the lack of emphasis on minority small business.  Although short explanations have been given for small business growth, no concrete solution has resonated from either side.  

The panel discussed the lack of plans to increase jobs within corporate America.  In Joset Wright-Lacy’s opinion, economic and employment growth will come from the private sector if neither Presidential candidate makes it a priority.  Under the current administration, government run organizations like the Minority Business Development Council suffer from a lack of resources which in turn hurts minority business development.  

In the end, the panel seemed to agree that no candidate is currently leading the conversation on small business as it pertains to minorities.  According to Wright-Lacy “Not talking about jobs in minority communities, which are at risk, which have high rates of unemployment, lower rates of education, using jobs as a way to get beyond that – they’re not talking about that and it is very disturbing.”

To check out the video click on the link below