The Military Times recently ranked the Top 43 franchises for military veterans.  The top 5 spots included  the travel company CruiseOne / Dream Vacations,  Color Glo International; a repair and maintenance franchise, Marco’s Pizza, Boulder Design; a signage and stone product company and Snap-On Tools; an automotive parts shop.

The rankings come after participating companies “filled out a detailed survey, comprising more than 100 questions.”  In addition to the survey the franchises “submitted their most recent franchise disclosure documents, forms with required details on franchise cost and performance that must be given to prospective franchisees.”

Within the list of 43, there are alot of great benefits for military veterans.  For starters, all ranked franchises grant an average 18% discount rate for vets looking to open a business.  Also, 82% of franchises are apart of VetFran “an International Franchise Association group dedicated to veteran franchising issues.”

Veterans account for about 8% of franchise owners across the US with more than 87% of veterans staying in business past 3 years.  The average 3 year span is 82% nationwide.  

Investing in military veterans is a good idea and franchises are learning it can lead to success.  For military vets used to pressure and leadership, franchise operations can be a transferable skill.

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