When it comes to elections, small business has consistently gotten the short end of the stick as it pertains to information.  While the Presidential campaign becomes more and more about insults and emails, small businesses are currently wondering where they will fit in with upcoming policies.

The biggest issue is the lack of detail from either candidate.  For Healthcare while Hilary Clinton has suggest keeping Obamacare with some changes, she has yet to explain what those changes will look like.  Donald Trump has promoted repealing it, but like Clinton has yet to explain what he would replace Obamacare with.  The Minimum Wage argument has seen a bit more explanation with Clinton promoting a $12 national average that would eventually increase to $15.  Trump has not been specific stating he could “get behind” a $10 initiative.

For Taxes and business growth both candidates have been a bit more descriptive.  Clinton is looking to levy “higher taxes on the top one-percent of earners in the country” and offer loan relief for former students and streamline business licenses for small organizations.  Trump is looking to create 3 tax brackets maxing out at a 33% tax (although he has changed his plan in the past), and wants “to reduce the corporate income tax rate to 15 percent from its current 35 percent.”

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