Hiring people is hard, especially if you’re a startup.  For Courtney Williams the founder of edtech Torsh, hiring employees while granting opportunities for under represented individuals is challenging.  The truth about people of color in technology is that they aren’t as easy to find as organizations would hope.

In a great article with Forbes, which you can check out HERE, Williams explains the difficulties in hiring minority employees as a minority owner.  

Although pipeline is a major concern, startup’s like Torsh don’t have alot of options to begin with.  Startups have  less room to make hiring mistakes and Williams is under constant pressure to get every hire right.  "Tech startups often poach employees from bigger tech companies who are looking to be closer to the action or to get in on a disruptive idea on the ground floor. Since big tech companies aren’t hiring minority employees in large numbers, startups have less minority employees to poach.“ 

Courtney Williams’ article is a great insight on the struggles of the tech community from a small business’ perspective.  Creating opportunities for minorities is hard when qualified applicants are few and far between.    Williams was able to suggest a few good alternatives, one of which highlights applicants with skill sets that match openings.  For example, Williams hired en employee with a background in recruiting to handle sales.

In the end, finding qualified minorities will continue to be difficult.  The only way to grow tech opportunities for under represented groups is to find creative ways to recruit them.