Facebook launches Workplace, companies learn to buy back PTO days, and more in this week’s small business tech news from Gene Marks: 

  1. Facebook launched its social networking platform Workplace last week. The new network is the same as Facebook however it allows you to communicate with coworkers outside of your personal Facebook account, similar to Linkedin. If your business utilizes Facebook for employee management, you may want to consider Workplace. 
  2. PTO Exchange is a new startup that provides “a platform to let your workers trade unused paid time off for travel, contributions to a 401(K) or health savings account.” If your small business is looking to put unused PTO time to better use, PTO Exchange may benefit your organization.
  3. YouTube has acquired FameBit, the organization that “helps creator and brands find work with each other through sponsorship and promotion.”. This is huge if you are looking for new ways to connect with marketers and a great option if your small business is an active YouTube user.
  4. Amazon is looking to open brick and mortar grocery centers. The retail giant will allow smartphone users to use their phone throughout the store and place orders at different kiosks. “Just what you need if you own an independent grocery store: competition from Amazon.”
  5. Periscope now allows you to create professional high-quality videos for work. The new tool called Producer, will benefit companies that are “active on Twitter’s popular live-streaming platform…Now you’ve got more tools at your disposal to make professional videos that can look as good as others spending lots more money.”

-Ray Hayes

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